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And then everything clicked...

I was born in Tállya and spent a lot of time here as a child. My grandparents worked with vines and grafting so my love of grapes developed naturally. Upon graduating from university my life took a different turn but I have never become a real city dweller. So I was more than happy to take over the 0.3 hectare plot in the Ötvenhold-dűlő from my grandfather in 2009.

My first wine was made using the grapes of this vineyard. My husband, Tamás was really taken by this dry wine with a botrytised character and it might have played a part in winning his heart.   At the time becoming a winemaker seemed an unattainable dream – alone without the appropriate tools it lay beyond my imagination.

Most women get jewellery as a present but Tamás wanted to buy me a barrel. His belief in me was so strong that around 2012 we started drawing up plans for purchasing vineyards and then everything clicked. We were able to purchase more and more plots in highly regarded vineyards; my grandmothers experience was of great assistance. With the passing of time we managed to buy back several plots that formerly belonged to our family. Not all of them were well looked after so some renewal was inevitable.

In the meantime I started studying winemaking at the Budafok Vocational School, and I completed my internship training here in Tokaj working at the winery of Judit Bott whom I consider my role model. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, I learnt a lot working with them and finally this was the winery where I made my exam wine.
Originally we wanted to set up our cellar at my grandparents house but alas fate would not let us have it our way: construction works for the sewage system resulted in leakage and our plans had to be called off. In the end we managed to find an old stone house with underground cellars that was in need of repair but otherwise met our expectations. By 2014 the winemaking facilities and the cellar was ready for operation. A year later when our daughter, Adél was born the house was ready to be moved in.  

Mr. István Dorogi is always there for us when we need assistance in works around the cellar. His main job is supervising the viticulture works but he also helps out at harvest. Whatever we may request he always does his best to help us.

Our wine selection is not yet finalised but one thing is for certain: Furmint is at he heart of it. I believe that Furmint is a variety that can succeed on its own. We also love Hárslevelű and believe that it has got great potential but in vineyards where the two varieties are mixed we will not vinify it separately. Once we have moved on from laying the foundations we might consider planting new varieties or different clones. The names of our wines denote styles so it may happen that a new vintage under the same name will be made from grapes coming from another vineyard.  
I feel my return was a bit like that of the prodigal son but now I can see and appreciate the values that passed me by before. I want my children to enjoy what they do and to follow in my footsteps only if they are really interested in working with wine and grapes.

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