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Choosing the right wine making machinery was the responsibilty of my husband Tamás who has a knack for all things technology. He completely immersed himself in these matters so as to make the best decision. In order to do so he had to acquaint himself with the workings of a winery so now he knows quite a bit about winemaking too. His thinking is much more out of the box than mine and his constant search for the right answers has inspired me to reevaluate many things. Tamás doesn’t want to make decisions dictated by financial constraints, his eyes are set on the complete picture.

Fermentation is of the utmost importance so we approach this process with extra care. We avoid any chemical intervention, the only wine where we use cultured yeasts is our rosé. Our way to facilitate the fermentation process is carefully adjusting the temperature.

We want to preserve the fruity, refreshing character in our wines so we ferment some of them in steel tanks and after the fermentation has finished we decide whether the wine should be blended with other wines fermented in oak barrels.

Choosing the right barrels was never a problem. From the very start we have been working with the Kalina Coopery. Gábor, the excellent cooper is my childhood friend and fortunately we get on well professionally as well. His barrels do not overwhelm the wines and we have also learned over the years that vintages with higher acidity benefit from more heavily toasted oak.

The „egg” is a discovery of Tamás who first read about it in an Australian magazine and would not back down until we managed to buy one. It is exciting to follow the development of wines in this special porcelain vessel with 12 mm walls. The shape induces a constant flow so the wines develop a different texture and a more powerful character.