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Music and wine go hand in hand. Sipping wine while listening to music or listening to music while sipping wine is a magical experience. Whichever way you like. The study claiming that our perception of the flavours of a wine vary according to the kind of music we are listening to while drinking it has been around for a while. The participants in the experiment reported that the flavour profile of wines changed in accordance with the changes in the style and mood of the music they listened to. What’s more the different kinds of wines showed different levels of sensitivity to changes. For example Cabernet Sauvignon hit its stride when more powerful tunes were played like the music of the Rolling Stones or Jimmy Hendrix, while Chardonnay showed best with dynamic and lively music like the songs of Robbie Williams. Though this was relatively large scale survey, 250 people were canvassed, it is still debatable whether and to what extent the answers were influenced by the individual musical preferences of the respondents.

Put on your favourite record while tasting a wine and the experience will be more intense and complete. Some Austrian winemakers seem to think that wines have a sense of hearing. We are inclined to agree. We know at least of one Tokaj winemaker who shares this belief and plays music in the cellar for his wines. The Austrian winemaker, Markus Bachmann applies a special loudspeaker to pep up the fermenting must with music; by doing so he is hoping to facilitate the fermentation process and to enhance the flavours of his wines. We have not put speakers in the barrels but we are also providing some entertainment for our wines just in case they might pick up something… We believe that by showing affinity and sensitivity in our work in the vineyards, at harvest and during vinification we can make our wines sing. In choosing the names for our wines we had a simpler connection in our minds: we try to express in our wines the harmony inherent in music relying on a common language universally understood.